College Transfer Solutions, LLC

John Mullane - President


Advocating for legislative and institutional policy solutions.

College Transfer Solutions is dedicated to helping states and institutions develop real solutions to enable students to fully transfer their credits and apply those credits to their degree. This allows students to graduate on time with less debt.

After working with community college students for over a decade, I've seen the obstacles they face when it comes to transferring their credits.  I have put out several studies on this issue, and this research and advocacy has shined a light on the issue of students losing transfer credits. 

  • 38% percent of all college students will transfer at least once before completing a bachelor’s degree. The vast majority of students will transfer either into or out of a community college.

  • Community college transfer students represent 49% of all students who complete bachelor’s degrees at four year schools. The largest barrier to their success is losing credits when transferring.

  • The average transfer student loses over 40% of their credits. Community college students who transfer to their state universities lose over 20% of their credits. This loss of credits would be equivalent to almost an entire semester of credits and would delay the students time to graduate.

College Transfer Solutions also works with colleges and universities to enroll, retain, and graduate transfer students.



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